Emily Lazar & Joe LaPorta Master The Raveonettes' "Rarities & B-sides" Album

Pop/noise cult favorite, The Raveonettes (VICE Records/The Orchard) are due to release twenty-eight unreleased b-sides and rare cuts on their aptly titled album “Rarities and B-sides".  The album was mastered earlier this year by The Lodge’s very own Emily Lazar and Joe LaPorta.  Fans will be happy to hear that the album will be released on both CD and double vinyl!

Since the Danish duo’s discovery in 2002, they have released five studio albums, and five EP’s.  "Rarities and Bsides" will be the band's fourth album mastered at The Lodge

A long way since their first 2002 EP "Whip it on", Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo have continued to master their brand of fuzzed out 60's-noir rock gems with notoriously sinister lyrics.  With the highly anticipated release of "Rarities and B-sides", the band recently featured their track "Aly, Walk With Me" from their 2007 album "LUST LUST LUST" (also mastered at The Lodge) on HBO’s season four finale episode of True Blood.  The band is currently working on their next full length due out next year.

Check out the official video for "Aly, Walk With Me" mastered at The Lodge!

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