Class Actress Release Debut Album Mastered by Joe LaPorta

Class Actress is Brooklyn's poppiest synth jam export and their long awaited debut album "Rapprocher" was just released last Tuesday via Carpark Records.
Mastered by Joe LaPorta at The Lodge this summer, Class Actress is fronted by vocalist/glam girl Elizabeth Harper along with producer Mark Richardson and engineer/multi-instrumentalist Scott Rosenthal.

If you've been around the Williamsburg indie music scene, then you would probably be familiar with Harper's prior solo work.  Harper was more known for her strummy/whisper-y love songs (more along the lines of a modern day Morrissey or The Smiths with female vocals).  After a unique meeting with Richardson at a club a few years ago, Harper decided to switch gears and replaced her guitar with a synth and the rest was as they say, history.
Citing influences like Depeche Mode and Human League, Class Actress is like an 80's new-wave time warp but with a more modern pop twist and tragically romantic lyrics that will make your heart swoon.

Follow the link below to hear out one of the standout tracks "Weekend" on Stereogum and be sure to catch them live!


Mastering Engineer Joe LaPorta with Elizabeth Harper & Scott Rosenthal

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