Remembering Lou Reed

Lou Reed, NYC rock legend and longtime friend and client of  The Lodge, passed away on Sunday, October 27, 2013, at the age of 71.  Well known for his role as The Velvet Underground’s creator and front man, Lou Reed also had a prolific solo career spanning nearly 40 years.  Indie Rock, Punk, New Wave, and Alternative Rock movements can all be traced back to the genius of Lou Reed. We will always remember his profound influence on Rock and Roll and we know his music will continue to inspire us all. 
Emily Lazar, Chief Mastering Engineer at The Lodge, shares some session memories after working closely with Lou Reed on some of his most amazing tracks:
“I will really miss Lou — he was funny, sweet, and intensely bright. Whether he was clearing out the furniture of the lounge in order to have an impromptu Tai Chi practice, or  having a photo shoot with Mick Rock in the mastering room, he was completely in the moment. Most people tend to talk about his fierce punk-rock attitude and curmudgeonly vibe, but the times that I was lucky enough to spend with Lou I wasn’t with “that guy.” In the mastering studio, I was with a sensitive, unique and highly acute listener.  I am convinced that he heard things differently than most people and it affected him really deeply. One of my favorite memories is from a session with Lou where he was jumping up and down screaming and as tears were streaming down his face he stretched out his arm and put it under my nose and demanded “Do you see that? Look at the hair on my arms!?” He went on to explain that musically and sonically he simply refused to rest until he had achieved that type of visceral reaction. To get to travel with his genius that day was an amazing gift, and tears streamed down my face too.  Lou, thank you for forever changing the way I listen.”


Tyler Ward’s Debut Album "Honestly" Mastered at The Lodge

Tyler Ward’s Debut Album, Honestly, mastered at The Lodge by Emily Lazar and assisted by Rich Morales, was released today in the US, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.  Today also marks the beginning of Ward’s European Honestly Tour, which kicks off in Germany.

Tyler Ward is most known for his covers and original music.  He is a singer/songwriter/producer, who is signed with Sony Music GermanyWard also owns and operates Tyler Ward Studios in Denver, Colorado, and has opened for The Jonas Brothers and The Fray.  Most recently, he has been featured on an episode of the online audio broadcast, Pensado’s Place, hosted by Grammy winning mix engineer Dave Pensado.

In early 2010, his career was propelled forward after a YouTube video was posted which depicted Tyler covering Michael Jackson’s “We Are The World” during the 2010 Winter Olympics.  The video received 1.5 million views within its first week.  Tyler’s most popular video to date is Payphone, which currently boasts over 22 million views.

Ward has attained the #5 spot on Billboard’s Top 100 Uncharted List and has made Billboard’s Social 50 chart for several weeks. Subscribe to Ward’s YouTube channel and you will be joining the nearly 1.4 million loyal fans that have been anxiously awaiting Honestly’s release.

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