The Lodge Masters Music for Björk's Epic Multimedia Release "Biophillia"

Visionary Icelandic pop icon Björk is set to release her upcoming multimedia project "Biophillia" later this year. The music for the release- including a 10 song album and 10 musical iPad apps themed after each song's scientific subject matter- was mastered at The Lodge this March by Emily Lazar and Joe LaPorta alongside Björk and her long-time engineer Damian Taylor.

Intended to blur the lines between science and music, the "Biophillia" project also consists of a handful of fascinating instruments that Björk and Taylor invented themselves, a new interactive website based on the solar system and constellations, as well as future collaborations with local scientists and educational facilities in each of the 8 cities she plans to tour over the next few years in unique 6-week residencies. 

Read more about Björk's ground-breaking multi-faceted release and the concert premier in detail on New York Times' website right here!

Head over to Pitchfork.com to check out another in-depth interview  with the talented singer and read more about the series of iPad apps (the 'mother app' has been released on iTunes today!).

Listen to the first singles "Crystalline" and "Cosmogony" on Conseqeunce of Sound for just a little taste of what's to come!

Now, if all of this still isn't enough to satisfy your craving, you're in luck! Read more about the incredibly elaborate "Biophillia" boxset on LA Timeswebsite.

Album teasers below:

-Popular Syrian singer Omar Souleyman recording a remix of "Crystalline" 

-An introduction to the Gamaleste (a Björk/Taylor invention) 

-A clever preview of "Crystalline" which was posted on her website before the single had been released.

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