Neon Indian Releases New Video With Psychedelic Visual FX

Glo-fi all stars Neon Indian recently released a new music video for their hit single "Mind Drips," featured on the Lodge-mastered debut "Psychic Chasms." As if the music wasn't wild enough, frontman Alan Palomo collaborated with Lars Larsen and Edward Leckie, owners of the visual effects company LZX Industries, to make use of their psychedelic, analog video "synthesizers."

The video, filmed by Black Magic Rollercoaster Productions pictures a girl and her stuffed teddy bear diving through a hole in her bed, floating through an abstract realm of colors and patterns, re-emerging from her bedroom ceiling, then falling through her bed again... Very trippy.

Watch the "Mind Drips" video below and visit LZX Industries' website here to learn all about the manipulative methods in which LZX machines achieve their unique, artistic visual effects.

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