New Ravi Shankar!

Ravi Shankar celebrated his 90th birthday last week with the launch of his new record label, East Meets West, and a sneak preview of his new album, Nine Decades: Volume 1 (1967 - 1968), mastered by Joe LaPorta at The Lodge.

Shankar, world-reknown for his work in incorporating traditional Indian Sitar music into the West's mainstream culture, has released nearly fifty albums over his sixty year career, collaborating with artists like George Harrison and Phillip Glass. His new album, the first of what will most likely be a series of releases on his new label, will officially hit stores tomorrow, April 13th. It is a look back at a never-before mastered concert from 1967, and contains some cool extras as well.

Though Shankar has now entered his ninth decade of life, he shows no signs of slowing down. With the new album, the new record label, and a recently completed tour through New Zealand and Australia, it seems as though we may have another ninety years to look forward to from this musical visionary.

Check out this video of Ravi Shankar playing live at the Monterey Pop Festival as a young man. It is explosive!

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