Solange Knowles' Saint Heron Compilation Mastered At The Lodge

Solange Knowles' Saint Records has just released their debut LP, Saint Heron. Mastered by Chief Mastering Engineer, Emily Lazar at The Lodge and assisted by Rich Morales. Saint Heron is the harmonious indie R&B compilation the world has been waiting for.  

Saint Records is Knowles’ boutique label, distributed by Sony and launched last May.  Saint Heron, the debut compilation, was created to highlight contemporary R&B’s latest visionaries. Solange, recruited New Orleans native, Rashaad Newsome, as the primary artist for the album’s artwork, which represents the unification of the artists and producers that she brought together for the eclectic album. 

Artists featured on the record include Jhene Aiko, India Shawn, Cassie, B.C. Kingdom, Sampha, Iman Omari, Petite Noir, Starchild, Kelea, Jade de la Fleur, and Solange, who acted as Creative Director. All of the tracks on the album are original previously unreleased material, and range from deep electro melodies to lush tones comprised of layered vocals.

The albums’ release has generated considerable reviews and ratings; Noisey described the album  as "stunning," Pretty Much Amazing stated the album was “The Compilation of Our Dreams” and SPIN declared, “Solange Knowles hijacks the indie R&B narrative on her great new comp Saint Heron” – the praise goes on and on.

To celebrate the album’s release, Solange took to the streets of NYC in a custom-designed Saint Heron-themed Lamborghini, also designed by Rashaad Newsome.  Knowles championed her unique indie essence by handing out copies of the LP from the trunk. In addition to the compilation, Solange has stated her plans for the Saint Heron website:

“I’m looking forward to SaintHeron.com being a home for music and cultural enthusiasts like myself who want to see content that really reflects the community we are a part of.”

And we are too...
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