Golden Girl Carolyn Malachi Masters at The Lodge

Carolyn Malachi’s new album, Gold, was mastered at The Lodge by Chief Mastering Engineer, Emily Lazar and assisted by Rich Morales.  Released on July 30, Carolyn presents the world with her third studio album, which landed the #52 spot on iTunes’ Top R&B/Soul Albums upon its debut!! 
Gold was produced and engineered by James McKinney of Eusonia Records, a label founded by Grammy award-winning engineer, Scott Jacoby, who mixed most of the songs on Gold.  Additional mixing by Matthew Shell from Assemblyline Studios for "Beautiful Dreamer".
Carolyn was nominated for a Grammy in 2011 and Gold certainly presents a prowess capable of gaining the same recognition.  The album is out on Legacy Brands and you can buy Gold on iTunes here.
Watch Carolyn's Video for The Road to GOLD Part - II featuring her mastering session with us!

     Check out her latest music video for "All Right"

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