Carlos Santana Masters New Album at The Lodge!

Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana just released his 36th album “Shape Shifter” this last May, 2012.  The album was mastered by Emily Lazar and her team at The Lodge earlier this year.

Santana has made an incredible career for himself also as a producer, songwriter, vocalist, and percussionist.  Ranking in at #20 on Rolling Stones "100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time"  Carlos Santana emerged out of the late sixties, taking part in the pioneering of jazz fusion, rock, and world music as one of the most successful creators of music.

Having won a whopping 10 Grammy Awards including "Album of The Year" and "Best Rock Album" in 2000 for "Supernatural" this new release sees Santana departing from his trademark rock infused/vocal collaboration style.  An almost completely instrumental album, "Shape Shifter" is the first album to appear on Starfaith Records, Carlos Santana's brand new label.

Watch Carlos Santana discuss the making of "Shape Shifter" here:


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