Dan Vickrey of Counting Crows Masters Timeless Album with Joe LaPorta

Counting Crows' guitarist & back up vocalist Dan Vickrey has just released an amazing new album that took 20 years to complete! Prior to joining Adam Duritz and company, Vickrey was the singer and songwriter for his own band Tender Mercies.  Naturally, after joining Counting Crows as lead guitarist, working on his own band's debut album took a detour.

However, after two decades of artistic honing, Dan Vickrey has finally released Tender Mercies debut self titled album on Collective Sounds last month.  Mixed by Counting Crows' bandmate/engineer David Bryson, Vickery teamed up with his old pals and stopped at no expense to give these songs that mean so much to him the treatment they deserve.  The album was mastered by Joe LaPorta over the summer right here at The Lodge and we are all so excited to be part of Vickrey's incredible 20 year journey!

Tender Mercies is comprised of Dan Vickrey, Patrick Winningham, Kurt Stevenson and recent addition Jim Bogios.  The group assembled in San Francisco, writing music 20 years ago that would make up the album that was released last month. The timelessness of the album is a testament to Vickery's passion to his craft and candidly admits “What you’ll hear is the complete history of Tender Mercies all on one disc. The songs may be older than you are, but we stuck with them because of their timelessness.”   

If you have yet to purchase a copy of the self titled album make sure you preview and purchase it on iTunes or Amazon!  To get a first look and listen check out their bandcamp page for free downloads off the album! http://tendermercies.bandcamp.com/

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