Emily Lazar and Joe LaPorta Go "Deeper Into Dream" with Ben Lee

Accomplished singer-songwriter Ben Lee has announced an October 11th release date for his eighth studio album "Deeper Into Dream" (Dangerbird Records). Lee stopped by The Lodge to master the record with Emily Lazar and Joe LaPorta. 

One of the most personal releases over Lee's 20 year career, "Deeper Into Dream" consists of 10 songs and 3 conversational interludes-- all recorded at his home studio in Laurel Canyon and inspired by three years of studying dream work.  In his own words, “This album is about dreams, and like a dream, it bubbled up mysteriously from my unconscious. I’m listening to it wondering what it is, and why it came, what it has to tell me.” Intrigued much? Download the first single, "Get Used To It," straight from his website here!

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