Emily Lazar and Joe LaPorta Master Conceptual Album by Punk Band Fucked Up

Toronto's one-of-a-kind experimental punk band Fucked Up are set to release their conceptual sophomore LP "David Comes To Life" June 7th, via Matador Records. The album was mastered earlier this Spring by Chief Mastering Engineer Emily Lazar and Mastering Engineer Joe LaPorta.

As their name might imply, Fucked Up is a lyrically and musically confrontational hardcore six-piece who use their art to narrate stories of modern day plights. Unlike most bands in their genre, Fucked Up have become known for meshing their classic punk antics with a sense of theatrics- clearly exemplified in their latest work, the epic 18-song rock opera "David Comes To Life." Produced by Shane Stoneback (who also worked on the Lodge-mastered Cults' and Sleigh Bells' debuts), the songs are dense with layers and layers of roaring electric guitar, pummeling drums, bass and the growls of singer Damian Abraham as he weaves the tragic story of a man named David, accused of murdering the love of his life. A perfect marriage of studio tricks and raw, live energy, "David Comes To Life" is an album you won't want to miss.

Catch Fucked Up on their East coast tour this summer, including one show in their native Toronto opening for the Foo Fighters (who also mastered their chart-topping "Wasting Light" with The Lodge)!

Watch the trailer for "David Comes To Life" below:

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