Travis Frontman Fran Healy Masters Solo Debut at The Lodge!

Renowned songwriter and Travis frontman, Fran Healy, released his debut solo album, "w r e c k o r d e r" (Wreckord Label), on October 5th in the US. The album was mastered at The Lodge by Chief Mastering Engineer Emily Lazar and Mastering Engineer Joe LaPorta.

A respected veteran and venerable contributor to the alternative rock world, Fran Healy's work has been praised by titans of the music industry and fans alike. Spending over a decade with his band Travis, racking up awards, album sales and a loyal following, Healy's "w r e c k o r d e r" may be comprised of his most personal material to date. The album takes an honest approach to what Healy does best: songwriting. Pushing his own barriers of sound, and at times showing his own vulnerability, Healy has crafted a work of a man evolved, but one who has not forgotten his roots. Recording for the album, which recently debuted at was a multi-national affair, starting in 2009 in Berlin, before moving to New York and wrapping up in Vermont in 2010. Healy's supporting cast on "w r e c k o r d e r" is nothing to overlook either, with production duties handled by Emery Dobyns (Patti Smith, Chief), and contributions from Paul McCartney, Neko Case, and Tom Hobden (Noah and the Whale).

"w r e c k o r d e r" debuted at #10 on the UK Indie Charts this week! Read Sonic Scoop's write-up here and check out the charming new video for the first single "Buttercups" below!

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