Lodge-Mastered Bands Featured On La Blogothéque, Take Away Shows!

La Blogothéque is a popular online music publication based in France well known for its series of guerrilla-style music videos dubbed Take Away Shows.
Started by independent film maker Vincent Moon in 2006, Take Away Shows - usually set in whimsical locations like abandoned buildings, rustic stairwells, public streets - are intended to capture the raw beauty of spontaneous, intimate acoustic performances by seriously inspiring musicians.

Among the 100+ episodes of Take Away Shows in the La Blogothéque archive are videos by the following bands that have previously mastered material at The Lodge with Emily Lazar and Joe LaPorta:

Vampire Weekend ("Vampire Weekend," "Contra")
The Shins ("Chutes Too Narrow," "Wincing The Night Away")
Suckers ("Wild Smile")
Dean & Britta ("L'Avventura Deluxe Edition")
Noah and the Whale ("The First Days of Spring")
The National (Pitchfork Exclusive, Live EP)
Bear in Heaven ("Beast Rest Forth Mouth")

Watch the videos below or visit La Blogothéque's website for a full list of Take Away Shows!

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