Tamaryn Brings "The Waves" To The Lodge

Shoegaze duo Tamaryn are slated to release their debut album, "The Waves," (Mexican Summer) September 14, 2010. The album was mastered at The Lodge by Mastering Engineer Joe LaPorta.

Based out of San Francisco, Tamaryn is composed of one-name lead singer Tamaryn and producer/multi-instrumentalist Rex Shelverton. Since their formation in 2008, the duo have been causing quite a stir in the independent music scene with their brand of atmospheric and haunting rock. Their highly anticipated debut full length, appropriately titled "The Waves," is an ocean of texture featuring soaring electric guitars, entrancing, patient rhythms, and Tamaryn's mournful vocal melodies. Recorded at Shelverton's home studio over the course of 16 months, the album will finally be available on CD/Vinyl September 14, via Mexican Summer.

Read an interview Tamaryn did for Pitchfork Media here!

Click here to download Tamaryn's single "Sandstone"!

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