Three Lodge-Mastered Bands Tour Together

This fall will grant three big wishes to millions of fans throughout Canada and the U.S. as indie rock powerhouses Vampire Weekend, Beach House, and Dum Dum Girls team up to create somewhat of a super-tour. Coincidentally, this trio of groups have each mastered releases right here at The Lodge: Vampire Weekend's "Contra", Dum Dum Girls' "I Will Be" and Beach Houses' "Zebra EP".

The tour, headlined by Vampire Weekend, will begin on August 28th at Vancouver's Malkin Bowl and end off with a three-day stay in Manhattan's Radio City Music Hall, stopping in nearly 10 major North American cities along the way. This tour is guaranteed to be emblematic of 2010 and we are excited for the musical possibilities that could come from cramming these three bands together on a bus.

Check out all the dates and venues the tour will hit here!

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