Sondre Lerche has a new album...YES!

Here at The Lodge, we are all massive Sondre Lerche fans. It can't be denied, he is one talented guy...and he's only 26 years old!! Hailing from Norway, Lerche blasted on the music scene in 2004 and hit it big with music listeners who loved his Chet Baker-y velvet vocals fused with folky pop sensibilities.
He also became known for his wonderful compositions on the "Dan in Real Life" movie soundtrack.

He is back with a new album "Heartbeat Radio" and a new label, Rounder Records. "Heartbeat Radio" was mixed by Joe Chiccarelli and mastered by Emily Lazar & Joe LaPorta at The Lodge. Lerche even had a chance to show us his musical prowess on our piano.

If you are dying to hear the new stuff, you can head over to Stereogum's website and listen to the title track. The album will be released on September 8th in the US.

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