Elizabeth & The Catapult!

Think Roald Dahl meets Jon Brion meets Aimee Mann meets Debussy and you've got yourself the awesomeness that is Elizabeth & The Catapult.
Comprised of 3 former Berkley students: Elizabeth Ziman (Keys & Vocals), Danny Molad (Drums) and Peter Lalish (Guitar) met at a crazed college party one night and the rest was music history. Elizabeth & The Catapult are pure indie music goodness with a knack for writing wickedly charming pop gems like "Momma's Boy" and "Taller Children".

The band was busy at The Lodge mastering their new album "Taller Children" (Verve Music Records) with Mastering Engineer Emily Lazar, and Assistant Joe LaPorta.
And while Ziman was not there due to a terrible case of the cold, she was definitely there in spirit!

Here's a great acoustic performance/interview with Billboard

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