New Year, New Bands!

Engineers Emily Lazar & Joe LaPorta have mastered a bevy of seriously talented indie artists over the past few months. If they're not already on your radar, they will be very soon. Here's a nice little roundup:

Faded Paper Figures are a small indie band out of Irvine, CA with a huge sound and the catchiest melodies you will lay your ears on. Think Postal Service but with pop-ier sensibilities. They've recently released their debut album "Dynamo", and you can check out some of those tracks on their myspace

Champollion are a ridiculously talented band shepherded by the guys behind the live show "Juan's Basement" on Pitchfork.tv. They haven't released their album yet, but you can catch their other band Previously On Lost..the world's first recap TV show- providing a weekly musical review of the TV show, LOST!

Jason Bajada is Montreal's newest export, making lush sad songs that will break your heart. Hot on the heels of the Martha Wainwright tour (who also mastered her first album right here at The Lodge), Bajada is destined to greatness. His new album "Loveshit" will be released on February 10th, but in the meantime you can check out the video for his first single "Ten Days in Miami"

Jason Bajada - Ten Days In Miami from Trampoline Sparks on Vimeo.

La Strada are a Brooklyn troup making music that takes you back to a Parisian street cafe in the 1930's- accordians, cellos, violins and drums galore! Named after a Fellini movie, their live shows will not disappoint. They just got signed to indie Brooklyn label Ernest Jenning Record Co. and are keeping company with the likes of The Hollies, Nouvellas, Takka Takka (who also mastered their album at The Lodge) and O'Death.

And speaking of Takka Takka, this Brooklyn based band has received quite a bit of media including the attention of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, who invited them on their high profile tour in 2006. Check out their incredible video for the track "Silence"

The Sour Notes are a sweet indie band from Austin, TX that make really great pop songs. They've mastered 2 EP's with Engineer Joe LaPorta and will become your favorite new band once you check them out. Here's a video for their first single off their second EP "Received in Bitterness".

'Is It Happening?'

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