The Lodge teams up with The Deli Magazine...

If you're a musician and haven't heard about The Deli Magazine, then you've been living under a rock for too long. And if you love indie music and enjoying fishing for untapped bands to show off to your friends, The Deli is YOUR resource. They also span across 6 different cities covering New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Nashville, LA, Philadelphia and Burlington (VT).

At the end of each year they bring out the voting cards and ask people to vote for their favorite band in each city. The winning bands are determined by a combination of select music industry jury and the vote tally.
This year, The Lodge has teamed up with The Deli Magazine and is offering the winning bands in NY, Nashville, San Francisco & Chicago 2 FREE mastered tracks!! The winner of each region will also grace the cover of the Spring issue of The Deli.

Even though the poll is now officially closed you can click H E R E to follow the final results..

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